Dreadlock Extensions

There are two main categories of dreadlock extensions: permanent and temporary. Permanent refers to human hair extensions crocheted into existing locks. They can also be added at the time of install for instant length. They will last 1-3 years, and then they will need to be removed or replaced. These are typically natural colors, but blonde hair can be colored with fantasy colors before install if you're wanting a pop of color. Keep in mind that because of the extra processing that blonde hair must endure before it can be packaged and sold, it typically does not last as long as darker colors. 

Temporary dreadlock extensions are premade synthetic or wool dreadlocks that are looped into existing dreadlocks or braided into loose hair. In existing dreadlocks, temporary extensions can add density or pops of color. In loose hair, they are a great way to try out dreadlocks without committing fully. While temporary dreadlocks can give you experience with washing your hair while having limited access to your scalp and give you an idea of what you may look like with dreadlocks, please remember that natural dreadlocks must go through the locking phases that synthetic and wool do not.  Your natural hair locked may not ever look like dreadlock extensions, so do not use this as your deciding factor before you make the leap. Temporary dreadlocks do not damage your natural hair.

Permanent Extensions

  • Human hair

  • Crocheted into existing dreadlocks or added at the time of install

  • More difficult to remove. They must be cut off and the ends brushed out.

  • May last 1-3 years

  • Added to ends of dreadlocks for LENGTH, not density

  • Natural colors

  • If you want fantasy or vivid colors on the ends, these can be added to blonde extensions prior to install. However, this may shorten their shelf life and the colors will fade just as on loose hair.

  • I do not recommend coloring or bleaching the extensions after install as this may damage them and shorten their shelf life.

  • See New Dreadlock Creation and Maintenance pages for what to expect and care information

Temporary Dreadlocks

  • Synthetic hair  or wool

  • You can bring your own set, or contact me for a custom set (synthetic only)

  • If you have existing dreadlocks: can be looped or tied on at the root and can last 4-6 months, depending on extension quality and home care. To remove, snip the tie and slide it off! Used to add density and color.

  • If you have loose hair: can be braided in at the root and can last 6-10 weeks. Can add length, density, and color. They MUST be removed or the natural hair will start to dread. To remove, snip the tie and unbraid.

  • Wide variety of natural and fantasy colors

  • Can include dreadlock decorations such as wraps and beads

  • Cannot be colored with hair color at all.

  • Synthetic hair will not fade. Wool can, as it is typically colored with an acid dye. Both can be washed and reused for years.